Growing your own organic food

If you’re fed up of spending money on packaged food that doesn’t even come from California, then why not consider producing your own food in your garden? Many of us want to eat more healthily and help the environment at the same time but for some of us, buying local, organic food is more than we can afford, and we don’t Know where to start growing plants. However, growing your own deliciously fresh produce not only means you’ll have free food, but you’ll also learn more about the food that you consume.

Enjoy tastier food

When you grow your own organic food, you know exactly where it comes from and are safe in the knowledge that there are no chemicals involved. Having control over what you eat means that you’ll enjoy more flavorsome and tastier food that is free from pesticides which can induce diseases and defects. As a consequence, picking fresh vegetables grown from your garden will ensure you’ll be having more minerals and nutrients inside you which has been nourished from the organic soil and your hard work.

Be more healthy

You can’t get more healthy than eating fresh produce you’ve grown yourself. Eating edibles straight from your garden will help you live longer by boosting your immune system from varieties that are high in nutritional value. In addition to eating the right kinds of food, you’re also getting more exercise by tending to your garden in the fresh air which will help to make you fitter. Spending time outdoors will also make you appreciate your garden more and maybe start to make other changes, such as adding an outdoor fountain to attract wildlife.

Save money

However big or small your vegetable patch is, you’re guaranteed to save yourself some cash. Conduct some research to see what to plant and when in California. Although, do bear in mind that most herbs can be grown for the best part of the year, and if not, you can start to grow them indoors. Once you’ve purchased the initial outlay of tools, seeds or small plants, you’ll have an abundance of crop whenever you fancy, without the cost from buying it from a supermarket.

Even if you don’t have a large area to plant outdoors, containers and window boxes can be used instead so there’s no excuses not to make the most out of growing your own.


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