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Rylie (Geese)


Rylie and Rexa were luckily rescued from a hoarding situation. Unfortunately, the lack of legal protection for farm animals made it easier for the hoarders to obtain them and difficult for the authorities to take them away. Fortunately, a friend was able to legally obtain them and bring them to safety at a New York shelter. The two birds are very close and always look out for each other, even though they have made friends with the other waterfowl in the flock. They especially enjoy swimming together in the pond. It was a difficult start for these two birds, but they are now living happily.

At the shelter, Rylie and Rexa are provided with enrichment activities and special treats like mealworms and fresh veggies. Our staff and volunteers are dedicated to providing them with a happy, healthy environment and lots of love. We also make sure that they have companionship, and they seem to really enjoy the attention they get. We are so grateful that Rylie and Rexa were brought to us, so that they can now experience the joys of a life full of safety and love.

For Rylie and Rexa, life at the shelter is full of love and joy. They are given plenty of enrichment activities & special treats like mealworms and fresh veggies.

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