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Dear Customers,

The Cool Farm and Ranch is dedicated to providing best in class: culinary herbs, fresh fruits,  vegetables, and other value added products produced here on the farm as well as operating as a distribution source for other farmers and craftsperson’s for the benefit of our local community.

We’re also deeply concerned about food security for our community. Our business model is based on trust and compassion. We are a “take what you & need pay what you can” farm for products grown on our farm.  We believe that people regardless of their ability to pay should have access to the same quality of food. Read why here (


How much to Pay?

If you are here then you have received a paper chit.  There is no name on that chit, and we DO NOT track or know who pays what amount. The paper chit yuo hold has the fair market value of the products and services you left with from our farm.

You may pay:

  1. Pay more than the amount on the chit. (Thank you, this will help us provide food to those who can’t pay market prices)
  2. Pay the amount on the chit. (We thank you for shopping with us)
  3. Pay less than the amount. (We understand, and its ok.)
  4. Pay nothing. (We love you and please come back as often as you need.)

How to Pay?

Clicking the “Pay Now” button below will forward you to the PayPal payment portal for teamgoldusa (our processing service).


Because we don’t track purchases none of our staff knows who has or has not paid. Which means we should be providing excellent customer service at all times.  With that said, please feel free to call or text with any concerns.