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Adrian (Alpacas/Llamas)


When Adrian was just a lamb, he and his family were discovered in a filthy barn, emaciated and near death. The property they were found on was home to over 60 neglected animals who were suffering due to the cruel practices of the owner, who bred and raised farm animals bought from auctions at low prices, only to slaughter their young in a makeshift abattoir.

After being rescued from this dire situation, Adrian’s life took a turn for the better. From the moment he arrived at the shelter, he was fiercely protective of his mother and twin sister, Isabella. Adrian was just 30 pounds back then, but he was not afraid to use his head-butt to defend his family. Once, a staff member briefly separated him from his loved ones to clean the barn, and Adrian’s reaction was to head-butt the staff member.

Since then, Adrian has grown much larger and has become much more trusting. He now loves nothing more than receiving head-scratches from his caretakers. However, he remains a devoted protector of his mother and sister, displaying a proud and confident demeanor.

Adrian, a Finn/Romanov Cross, was rescued on April 24, 2012, in Cool, California.

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