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Stevena (Chicken)


Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Stevena was rescued from a mass slaughter of farmed animals euphemistically referred to as “depopulation.” Typically, chickens like Stevena would be killed when their egg production decreased, often within two years. Slaughterhouses were closed to help halt the spread of the virus, so the industry pressured farmers to get rid of the animals they couldn’t sell.

Fortunately, Stevena’s owner didn’t want the birds to suffer and released more than 600 hens to rescuers. Stevena was one of fourteen birds welcomed to the Farm Sanctuary in Southern California.

In contrast to the overcrowded conditions in factory farms, Stevena now has plenty of room to explore. She enjoys spending time in the outdoors, eating, dust bathing, and relaxing with her flock. Here, she does not have to lay eggs to have value: her days and her life are her own.

Stevena is so grateful for the chance to live a free and fulfilling life, which she would never have experienced in a factory farm. All of our animal residents are cherished, and Stevena’s story is an especially important reminder of the power of compassion.

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